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Now, your whole trip to Europe can be documented via camera phone as you pose atop the Eiffel Tower or in front of the Tower of London But for all of their convenience, camera phones aren't always a good thing.

Now that cameras are so discreet, they're being used for more than candid shots.

When you log into a room, the rules are made clear such as "No disturbing the room with repeated text or spamming" and "No nudity or asking others to get nude". Because there are several people all communicating at once, all you see is a flurry of random messages being exchanged between users.

Click on a contact, and you can usually see their webcam (unless they are categorised as a "lurker" which means their webcam is paused for a while).

Sexting" is a word you have probably heard but might not be able to define.

For purposes of this article, "sexting" is the practice of sending nude or semi-nude pictures by cell phone or other electronic media; it is a sexual text ('sext') message.

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In particular, watch out for Stranded in [Foreign Location] scams.

The sound and video quality are however pretty good and it's amazing how many people are online.